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Passport Support Services

Certification service

How can I get Certification of a copy of the main data page of a Passport ?
Certification service is provided by the Overseas Missions Branch of Department of Immigration and Emigration.

What are the documents required to obtain this service ?
Original Passport and the copies to be certified

What are the fees applicable for this service ?
LKR 300.00 per each copy.
(Certify only main page)

Translation Service

An Arabic translation of the main page data and related endorsements is provided at the Overseas Missions Branch at Department of Immigration & Emigration.

What is the procedure for obtaining a translation of my passport ?
Applicant must present him/her self at the Head Office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration with his/her Passport.

What is the fee applicable for this service ?
LKR 1200.00 per passport translation

Granting permission to courier passports to overseas destinations across Sri Lankan borders
General information
Permission from the Department Of Immigration & Emigration is necessary to Courier of Sri Lankan passports to overseas destinations  

What are the documents required ?
Duly completed Application Form should be submitted along with the originals and photocopies of the supporting documents specified below.
  • A Letter of Agreement from the courier service provider to undertake the safe delivery of the passport to the address specified.
  • A letter of request for permission signed by the applicant.
  • Supporting documents to prove that sending the passport by courier is truly necessary (A request letter from the representation of the respective country in Sri Lanka)
What is the Fee applicable for this service ?
LKR 1150.00 per passport

Where can I obtain and submit applications ?
Ports Division, Department of Immigration & Emigration
(Download application)