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Use 0115116633 to inquire about photo studio software technical issues. (From 8.30am to 4.15pm on Monday to Friday.)

Send your technical issues only to photostudioinfo[at]immigration.gov.lk email address.

If the current computer / main board is being modified, a new activation key is required. You will need to make a request on  your studio letterhead. Make a brief note of the problem. Type only the studio id, contact details, and specification of the new computer [processor, RAM capacity, hdd capacity, monitor type / resolution] and do not add screen shots. Place the studio owner's signature / rubber stamp. Scan, attach  and submit it. A jpg image is more appropriate.

In case of software crashes, first uninstall the Photo Studio Client software and java. If there is a virus guard, deactivate it. Then install the Photo Studio Client software from the DVD provided and complete the activation Wizard window from the beginning in order. See the instruction Manual provided for more information.

Use 0115329313 and ephotostudio[at]immigration.gov.lk email address for any non-technical matter such as changing contact numbers, email addresses, addresses, etc. related to the studio.

Upgrading JAVA over the web will not allow you to log in to the system. The problem can be solved by uninstalling both the Photo Studio Client software and JAVA software and reinstalling the Photo Studio Client software from DVD provided.