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Managing Borders

Border Management

Ports Branch

Border Management and Control, Investigation and other supportive services.

Border Control

Managing passenger movements through the designated ports of Sri Lanka.

Designated Ports of Sri Lanka

Air Ports

  • Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)
  • Ratmalana Airport
  • Palali Airport
  • Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA)

Sea Ports

  • Colombo Port
  • Galle Harbor
  • Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksha Port (Hambanthota)
  • Trincomalee Harbor
  • Kankesanthurei Harbor
  • Thalaimannar Pier
  • Norochcholai Pier

Crew Arrival

A government levy of USD 25 is charged  for all ship crew members signing off in Sri Lanka.

In addition a bond should be signed by his/her local agent before granting permission to enter Sri Lanka.

This bond fee is paid by a bar coded sticker, which has to be purchased in advance by the shipping agent from the Ports Branch at Head Office, Colombo.

Internal Immigration Control

Investigation Branch

It is an offence under the Immigrants and Emigrants Act for a foreign national to enter/ stay in Sri Lanka without valid travel document and/or valid visa.

Foreign nationals those who violate the Immigrants &Emigrants Act are liable to be arrested detained and, removed.

Overstay In Sri Lanka

If detected, while overstaying in the country the person concerned will be arrested, detained, and removed and his /her name will be included in the black list thus preventing him from entering the country again.

If detected at a port of exit he/ she will be required to pay the visa fee and a penalty as the case may be and his/ her name will be included into the watch list. He/ she may be interviewed on his/her next arrival into the country.

If he/ she do not pay the penalty his/her name will be included in the black list and will be prevented from entering the country again.

Supportive Services

Dispatching Sri Lankan passports outside of Sri Lanka

It is an offence to dispatch Sri lankan passport without a written permission of The Controller General of Immigration and Emigration.

Permission to dispatch Sri Lankan passport out of Sri Lanka for the purpose of obtaining visa of a particular country is given only when there is no Embassy/ High Commission of that particular country is available in Sri Lanka.

Dispatching a passport through a third person

Documents Required

  1. quest from the holder of the passport mentioning the reason for dispatching the passport
  2. A letter authorizing the third person to carry the passport on behalf of the holder.
  3. A letter from the third person undertaking to deliver back the passport to the holder after the purpose is fulfilled.(Example: After obtaining a visa)
  4. Supporting documents to prove that the dispatching of passport is necessary (A request letter from the respective country’s representation in Sri Lanka

Dispatching a passport through Courier Service

Documents Required

  1. Request from the holder of the passport mentioning the reason for dispatching the   passport with supportive documents where applicable.
  2. A letter from the courier service company undertaking to deliver back the passport to the holder after the purpose is fulfilled.


A fee of LKR 2000.00 is charged per passport.


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